Cultural Program

Tomskaya Pisanitsya
Historical cultural and natural museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” was founded in 1988. The base of museum is the rock with ancient drawings. The majority of the images of the Tomskaya pisanitsa date from the aeneolithic period and Bronze Age, III-II millennium B.C. Nowadays museum consists of the several archaeological and ethnographical expositions in the open air.

Krasnaya Gorka (Red Hill)
Krasnaya Gorka is a museum located in a beautiful area near the river Tom’. This museum tells the story of the Kuzbass region development. One of the most amazing exposition here is one demonstrating different types of coal extraction. It feels as if you are in a real mine!

Kemerovo Regional Museum of Local history
The Kemerovo regional museum of local history is a leading and the oldest museum of Kuzbass. It has been opened in 1929. It's the centre of methodical, research and local history efforts. In modern conditions the museum of local history is a visiting card of the region. Here accumulates objective and trustworthy information about the nature and history of the land, and information giving means all possible communicative ways of its translation.
There are four sections in the exposition structure of a museum: nature, pre-revolutionary and modern history, military history, a memorial museum-workshop of the National artist of A.N. Kirchanova.

Ecomuseum “Tyulbersky gorodok”
Ecomuseum "Tyulbersky gorodok" was founded in 2002. The basis of ecomuseum is a medieval settlement with well-preserved shaft, moat, the remains of burned inhabited buildings, steel workshops and cult altar. For the first time the monument was founded in 1910 by the surveyor from Barnaul city and the local farmer Nikolay Burdin. In 1997-2000 the archeological excavations were carried out by the archaeologist and Candidate of Science Y. V. Shirin.

Picnic lunch in Siberian pine forest (Podyakovo)
Siberian pine is a national proud of Russia. Pine forests perform important water conservation, water regulation, soil protection and sanitary functions. A variety of edible mushrooms and berries grow there and it is home for many animals and birds. Pristine nature, peace and quiet, remoteness from settlements, clean air are the main natural factors of pine forest.

Sightseeing tour
A sightseeing tour includes a visit to Znamensky Cathedral, Alley of Heroes, sight area at the "Memory of the Kuzbass miners" on Red Hill, "Greek village" in Kedrovka, Botanical Garden, Sport Museum, a planetarium, a satellite town “Lesnaya Polyana”.